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All-NBA picks: LeBron James, Anthony Davis represent Lakers; Ben Simmons first-team All-Defense

CBS Sports


Article Summary:

While we’re still all hoping the NBA season can resume at some point, the reality that we’ve seen our last 2019-20 game, regular season or otherwise, is a distinct possibility.

Acting on the presumption that at least the remainder of the regular season is a long shot to happen, our CBS Sports staff tallied our votes for the three All-NBA teams, as well as two All-Defense and All-Rookie teams based on what we’ve seen to this point in the season.

For All-NBA, five points were awarded for a first-team vote, three points for a second-team vote and one point for a third-team vote.

For the third team, Trae Young, who’s putting up bonkers numbers in his second season, gets a guard spot over Bradley Beal, Donovan Mitchell, Kyle Lowry and Ben Simmons, who all have a case.

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