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‘The Last Dance’ night two explored the Bad Boys rivalry and Dennis Rodman’s greatness


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Jordan seems like the complete opposite of Rodman as a person, but he came to understand that the way to win with Rodman was to allow Rodman to be who he wanted to be while channeling his competitive best between the lines. The Scottie Pippen migraine game in the 1990 Eastern Conference Finals, which Jordan not-so-diplomatically moved past in the documentary, was a real point of animosity between Jordan and Pippen back in the day.

Don’t believe me? When Jordan had a 22-point game in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals – a down night by his standards – he told reporters covering the Bulls, “I may have had a headache today.” A year later, following a game the team won, Jordan still couldn’t let go his teammate being physically unwell in a big moment the year before.

The hatred between Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas is as real as it gets

Decades after they stopped playing against one another, Jordan has not let any of the hatred he has for Thomas go.

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