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What a World Cup format for 2020 NBA Playoffs would mean for 76ers

USA Today


Article Summary:

There is the idea of playing some regular-season games to get everybody up to 70 games and then there’s also the idea of reformatting the playoffs and having it seeded 1 through 16.

There is also a new playoff format idea that has been put out about the league adopting a World Cup format from soccer where the top 20 teams would be placed in four groups of five teams.

As explained by Kevin O’Conner from The Ringer:

The 16 current playoff teams would qualify for the group stage, plus the four teams with the next-best records.

O’Connor explains:

Groups could then be randomly drawn, with one team from each tier going into each group. The NBA is working on approaches to fairly balance the groupings, such as limiting each group to only three Western Conference teams, according to multiple front office sources.

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