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Brett Brown heaps praise upon Ben Simmons, 76ers lucky to have him

USA Today


Article Summary:

In his short time in the NBA, he has made an All-Star team twice, won a Rookie of the Year award, and he is in the running for Defensive Player of the Year in 2020.

The only blemish of his game is his lack of a jump shot and that is something on the minds of a lot of anxious fans, but it also does not change the fact that he does everything else at an elite level.

“To be a 2-time NBA All-Star to be discussed in a very serious way as a Defensive Player of the Year to certainly be on an All-League Defensive Team to being rewarded with a max contract to come in and play a point guard primary ball-handler position all along that path achieving some of those things that I just said and then be able to pivot out and play an interior position, the versatility that I just discussed and then be rewarded is off the charts unique,” said coach Brett Brown. “

The fact that Simmons is already one of the better players in the league and he just turned 24 is something that has to be awed at.

“Just think about that age and when you start referencing some of the other great players in our league, just from a statistics or acknowledgment perspective if you start draping championships at what age did these other great players experience championship success, you’re going to find there’s a commonality of about 28-years old seems to be the honey spot,” Brown explained.

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