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How Long Will Ben Simmons Be Out? Sports Medicine Expert Points To Patrick Mahomes’ Injury As Example Of Recovery Timeline

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Article Summary:

PHILADELPHIA- The Philadelphia 76ers announced Thursday that guard/forward Ben Simmons is out after an MRI showed a subluxation of the patella in his left knee.

The first question on fans minds, even those who have been following the injury-riddled Sixers through the years, is likely, what is a patella subluxation? As Dr. Brian Sennett, the Chief of Sports Medicine at Penn Medicine describes, a subluxation is basically a partial dislocation of the knee cap and therefore, usually less severe.

“A subluxation is different from a dislocation in the sense that the knee cap does not go as far as you would see in a dislocation. It goes part way, but it never goes all the way. As a result, you often do not have the injury that you do with the dislocation and many of the times, you stretch the ligament but do not tear it,” said Sennett. “The bone bruises that you typically get with a dislocation, if they are even present, are a much lower magnitude. A patella subluxation is much less of an injury than a dislocation. A dislocation you’re often going to be out for about six weeks. A patella subluxation, you’re probably more in the range of 2-4 weeks.”

That’s good news, but not exactly great news for fans hoping the Sixers can make a title run.

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