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Josh Harris, Daryl Morey explain the new Sixers front office hierarchy

USA Today


Article Summary:

The team brought in Doc Rivers to be their new head coach, they brought in new executives such as Peter Dinwiddie and Prosper Karangwa to help the higher-ups make decisions, and they have brought in Daryl Morey to run their basketball operations with general manager Elton Brand. Will the ownership group get in the way of their decisions? How will this all work?

“Daryl is going to run the overall basketball operations, Doc is going to run the team, I think ownership is going to do what it needs to do to stay out of the way and to support Doc, Daryl, and Elton with their jobs and that’s the way I would look at it,” said managing partner Josh Harris. I’ve got the answers’, you’re not going to make the decisions,” said Morey with a smile. “Ultimately, someone has to make the final decision and that’ll be on me, that’ll be on Doc, that’ll be on this group that’s on the stage, but once you make that decision, everyone gets behind it and your collaborative before that, any sort of ‘my way or the highway’, doesn’t yield championships in my opinion.

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