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Joel Embiid ready for Sixers’ philosophical changes on defense, offense

USA Today


Article Summary:

The Philadelphia 76ers are a talented team led by the star duo of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, but they have come up short in the past.

Under Rivers, the team has been working on changing that defense to a more aggressive style and it’s something that Embiid is ready for after he was asking for changes in the playoffs. “The times that we have been running it in practice at times is a little bit hard because he puts me in a bad spot so I think it’s about just getting comfortable every single day. Of course, I’ve always done what the coaches asked me to do. Hopefully, it does work, but if it doesn’t, we also as a team, we got to make adjustments.”

The other adjustment the team is making under Rivers is on the offensive end where the team will run more pick-and-roll. “That’s why my emphasis has been really on half-court too. We got to be great at that because I’ve played in the playoffs, a few times now, and the main thing is if your half-court offense isn’t great, you’re not going anywhere.”

The Sixers still have a lot to work out, but when opening night rolls around on Dec. 23, that will be their first opportunity to work it all out in an actual game.

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