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Sixers rookie Isaiah Joe trusts NBA protocols, feels safe playing games

USA Today


Article Summary:

The NBA is wading into murky waters right now as they play basketball during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Combine that with a variety of injuries and the team only played with seven players against the Denver Nuggets on Saturday. “We test twice a day. We have multiple tests so I think it’s one of those things over time, that’s just gonna come together. The league is doing a very good job time to adjust to the situation. So as long as they’re trying, I feel like that’s the best for the players. I think after a while, we’ll get this situation controlled and we’ll be up and running, like normal again.”

That then begs the question of does Joe feel safe to play the game? The Sixers face the Atlanta Hawks on the road on Monday night and he stated that he does feel like he can play the game safely. “We might not have as many groups, but we still have enough groups to accomplish what we need to. Run over plays, run over sets, things like that. Everything that we’re doing is getting us more prepared for the game and just being short-handed. I think that doesn’t really affect how we go about our daily routines and our practice and all that.”

For Joe, he is feeling safe at the moment and he just wants to make sure he focuses on the task at hand.

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