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Practice notes: Sixers go ‘overboard’ with rare opportunity to work on concepts


Article Summary:

Doc Rivers, who said late last week that Philadelphia had only introduced a “Low percentage” of plays that he wants to get on the call sheet this year, knows that every day they can get on the floor together is an opportunity they can’t waste. “We had a day today which was important, we worked on a lot of stuff, probably too much, being honest. But we had to, in my opinion, we had no choice…you’re almost in the let’s-try-to-win-a-game mode right now. And that’s really not where you should be at in this part of the season, you should be working-on-your-execution-and-getting-better mode, and I think most teams are more in the thing I said first. Let’s figure it out, see what we can do, and then keep working when we have time.”

The team has already seen what sort of difference merely one play can make for the team.

Having everybody available to even work on a play has been a big challenge for Rivers, who will likely still be without at least one starter for Wednesday. Having previously tested positive, Curry has to clear the league’s health and safety protocol, which includes the following requirements before players can return:

Any player who tests positive has two paths back: going 10 days or more after first positive test or onset of symptoms, or testing negative twice via PC testing at least 24 hours apartAny player who tests positive will not be allowed to exercise for 10 days minimum, and upon the passing of 10 days must be monitored in two days of individual workouts before being cleared

My understanding as of late Monday was that Curry still needed to go through the two days of monitored individual workouts.

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