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Sixers big man Joel Embiid goes into detail of just how he draws so many fouls

USA Today


Article Summary:

“You gotta have a high basketball IQ. I’m talking to the young guys, they’re like, ‘How can we draw fouls? How can we get to the free-throw line?’ and I’m like, ‘You gotta be smart like as soon as you feel the contact, you gotta go through it’ and that’s how you get fouled.”

Embiid was accused of flopping by Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart, but the big fella insists that it’s just a focus of his. “That’s how you stay efficient by through the free-throw line and getting those easy points. You don’t have to work for it and I have a knack for just getting to the free-throw line.”

For the Sixers, as long as Embiid is healthy and he is continuing to push forward, that’s all that matters. His ability to get to the line has really continued to help him score easier and more efficiently.

He continues to be smart in the post and he knows teams have to defend him differently because of how dominant he is and the pieces surrounding him.

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