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Doc Rivers, Seth Curry believe Sixers need to get better, practice time

USA Today


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“As a staff, we have to figure out even better than rotation, so we have a long way to go. Which is great because we’re winning, and getting better. That’s what you want.”

They have also been hit by a lot of injuries and that has hindered their ability to come together as a team and build any chemistry.

“We’re like a quarter way into the season and guys being in and out, a lot of injuries, a lot of missed games, and you don’t have a lot of practices,” said Curry. “You have to use the games as practice time to get used to each other to get used to your teammates, to get used to the offense and defense. It’s always good to learn and get better, but win a lot of games in the process. So that’s our goal. Especially these last couple of months heading into the All-Star break.”

To Curry’s point, there have been plenty of times they have not been on the same page and practice helps with that. “When to call ice, when to call a drop, when to know the difference. That’s what we are right now. We know our defensive coverages as well, we just don’t know when to call them, and communication is the whole key. You call it late; it’s too late now. It was good practice, a lot of good spirits today, and we did a lot of good things today.”

Rivers had to go over communication and execution so much that he did not even have a chance to run Simmons at the center position like he and assistant Dave Joerger wanted to in practice.

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