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Philadelphia 76ers: Ben Simmons’ best defensive games



Article Summary:

What do R.J. Barrett, Pascal Siakam, Markelle Fultz, Russell Westbrook, the entire Pacers’ team, De’Aaron Fox, Damian Lillard, and Luka Doncic all have in common? You guessed it, they all have been shut down by the NBA’s most versatile defender, Ben Simmons.

While the defensive stats look great for Ben, I also watched each shot defended by Ben by each player and broke down what makes Simmons such an elite defender on any offensive player.

Three key Ben Simmons takeaways

  • Simmons does an elite job staying active on the defensive end without fouling much or bailing out the offensive player.
  • Simmons’ combination of strength and quickness means that there is no bad matchup for him in the NBA.
  • Any time a star player is not guarded by Simmons, that player is much more active and aggressive on the offensive end.

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