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Could Ben Simmons win Defensive Player of the Year?



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“Those two are probably 1, 2, and I’m biased, but I would put Ben [at] 1, I think because Ben plays everyone. Ben doesn’t just play 5s. Ben plays 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. He’s played every position on the floor, and when he’s played those positions, he’s been able to come up with stops. There’s very few players in the NBA that can do the things that Ben does defensively.”

Rim protectors tend to have an inherent advantage over wing defenders in the DPOY conversation.

What is Ben Simmons’ case for Defensive Player of the Year?

Although Simmons’ defensive impact is less pronounced, he’s similarly disruptive. “It’s not a one-off thing. If you watch me, I’m typically guarding the best player. And typically the best players are guards, or shooting guards, point guards, whatever it is. And I love that. I love the fact that my teammates can look at me and tell me, ‘You got to go out and lock this guy up.’ There’s nights that guys go off, it’s gonna happen. But most of the time, I feel like I’m doing a good job and making the right plays. I feel like I’m the best defender in the NBA.”

Simmons backed that boast up two weeks later against Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic. “A couple games ago, he was playing against Rudy Gobert. Now he’s playing against Luka [Doncic]. He’s taking the idea that I can play anybody, I can check anybody on defense. I believe he’s the best defensive player in the league right now.”

However, most advanced metrics don’t agree with Howard’s rosy assessment of Simmons.

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