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Philadelphia 76ers: Trading for Victor Oladipo is the “just right” move



Article Summary:

Throw out the younger Curry brother entirely, as he’s a pure shooter who plays shooting guard for a reason, and the Sixers are left with Tyrese Maxey – who Doc Rivers is incredibly hesitant to play consistently – and not much else.

That player sounds pretty darn good, right? Well, that player is Victor Oladipo.

Not only is Oladipo a capable ball-handler who is equally comfortable playing on and off the ball, but he’s a certified two-way player who can stay on the court in crunch time or when the Sixers really need to add some oomph to a lineup with a less than optimal /-.

Now sure, there is a risk to acquiring a player like Oladipo, as he’s expressed some interest in playing for the Miami Heat and is free to sign wherever he’d like this summer, but would he really want to leave the Sixers for a team that vastly underperformed in 2021 if Philly makes it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals? Something tells me finally playing for a winner may trump a desire to not pay state taxes and live by the beach.

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