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Sixers veteran Danny Green reflects on the night the NBA was suspended

USA Today


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“I was one of the few to catch it early on. We had just finished playing Brooklyn, and they shut down the league and we already tested. We had to quarantine, get home, and figure out how to work out from there, and when we’re gonna come back so it was one of those huge things in history for us that everybody probably remembers.”

This pandemic is one of those things nobody thought would ever really happen.

“I think people kind of brushed it under the rug, but people didn’t take it seriously, like it’s not a big deal, obviously you’ve seen the Utah situation,” Green continued. “We didn’t think it would ever shut down the world, especially the league. I don’t think people thought things would shut down in sports, but it happens.”

Unfortunately for the world, this is the situation everybody is dealing with. “We live in a different world. Still living in a weird place hopefully, things get back to normal soon. The vaccine looks like it’s coming, our people are taking it again. It was one of those things that nobody can predict or believe would have ever happened.”

The Sixers were home on March 11, 2020, taking on the Detroit Pistons when the NBA world came to a screeching halt.

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