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Philadelphia Eagles: The curious case of Caleb Farley’s draft stock



Article Summary:

In a normal year, where teams played full schedules, and players weren’t able to opt-out, Farley’s third season at Virginia Tech likely would have cemented him as a top cornerback, maybe the top cornerback, in this years class, but instead, his on-field ability to directly translate to the NFL level has been called into question due to his decision to opt-out.

Could a team in the teens – say, maybe 12 – appreciate Farley’s upside and accept him even if he has to take things slow in training camp? Or would that risk be better absorbed by a team in the 20s who probably already has good cornerback and thus would be more willing to play the long game with a player bolstering Pro-Bowl potential?

After suffering through the Sidney Jones debacle, can the Philadelphia Eagles really afford to take another bite at the injured CB apple?

That, my friends, is the question. Selecting any player has risk, so if Farley’s talents outweigh his concerns, he should be drafted without prejudice, even if he isn’t up to speed until midway through the 2021 season.

If anything, selecting a player like Farley over a less talented corner like Greg Newsome II would actually signify a long-game mentality that has been largely absent from the Eagles’ decision making as of late, save maybe for the decision to draft Davion Taylor in the third round over more NFL-ready linebackers like Troy Dye.

When healthy, Farley could surely help the Eagles finally fix their defensive secondary once and for all.

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