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76ers’ Dwight Howard says he’s ‘targeted’ by referees as he leads NBA in technical fouls

CBS Sports


Article Summary:

Howard currently leads the NBA with 15 technical fouls called against him on the season – one away from a $5,000 fine and an automatic one-game suspension.

While some of Howard’s techs have been well-deserved, others have been a bit more borderline, including the one he got against the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday for what Howard described as “Clapping.” Since he’s been on the receiving end of what he views as questionable calls, Howard feels like his reputation may be proceeding him when it comes to the in-game officiating.

“Sometimes the refs do give me some calls that I feel are unwarranted,” Howard said. “It’s not like I’m doing it to be malicious, but it’s how I play, it’s Philly basketball so I can’t help it.”

Philly fans surely appreciate Howard’s passion, and the Sixers benefit from his on-court energy, but there’s a balance that Howard has to strike.

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