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Joel Embiid explains how Kobe Bryant inspired him to play basketball

USA Today


Article Summary:

When Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid was a young boy in Cameroon, basketball was not his first sport. Embiid watched the Lakers star and felt inspired to play basketball. “He didn’t want me to play basketball, and it took a lot of convincing until I got to 16 years old for him to actually let me start playing basketball. From there, I went through a lot.”

Embiid grew up with strict parents who made sure his focus was on schoolwork rather than on sports. “We had school nights, so we couldn’t stay awake. We had to go to bed by 9. I didn’t even watch all the games, I watched here and there. I could never watch more than one game a week, even one game a month, maybe, but at that time during the finals, it was on during the summertime so we didn’t have any school. Even then, I still had to go to bed, so we would still sneak out and go to the big room and turn on the TV volume all the way down, just get to watch it. So it was tough.”

One could say, well what about YouTube? There is always that option, even at that time.

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