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The Milwaukee Bucks should be Sixers fans’ biggest fear



Article Summary:

Would the Sixers go length and cut off his driving using Ben Simmons as the primary defender?

Would they go with the more defensively savvy Danny Green and just get in his head?

The Sixers have options both in the starting lineup or on the bench with Hill or Matisse Thybulle. In the three games the Bucks played the Sixers, they hoisted 40, 39, and 40 attempts.

Simmons, Green, Thybulle, and Hill are more than capable of running the wings off of their lines, but holy crap, will the Sixers be able to keep ALL of the Bucks’ wings from going off from deep? They’re certainly more equipped than Brooklyn, but I still wouldn’t feel too good if they’re up by 7-9 points and have already hit 8-12 3-pointers.

The Sixers match up decently enough against the Bucks.

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