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Philadelphia 76ers: Ben Simmons’ defense gives Sixers definite advantage



Article Summary:

Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons possesses all the attributes needed to be one of the best defensive players in the NBA. He is capable of guarding any position, usually guards the opposing team’s best player, uses his length, moves his feet well but most importantly he exudes the confidence to go heads up with the top offensive players the league has to offer all while putting up efficient numbers on the offensive end.

Ben Simmons’ is a special defender that fuels the Philadelphia 76ers

Just Simmons’ presence on the defensive end should yield different results as Simmons is adept at pressuring the ball, creating turnovers, and limiting a playmaker’s option to create.

These facts prove that Simmons is the best overall defensive player in the NBA as he is currently one of the front runners for the Defensive Player of the Year award; an accolade he was deserving of last season. How exciting would it be to watch Simmons clash against Giannis Antetoukounmpo? What does Simmons have in his arsenal to slow him down? Better yet, if the 76ers play the Nets, which one of their superstars would Simmons guard?

Either one of the Nets’ big 3 is capable of exploding offensively on any given night.

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