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Philadelphia 76ers: Leave all-bench lineups in the regular season



Article Summary:

“We don’t get stuck in our rotation we’re going to play the same way we(‘ve) played all year.”

Oh boy a lot to unpack there.

I know, crazy, right? After suffering through years and years and years of anemic bench units and going absolutely ballistic when a player like Marco Belinelli rolls into town and drops an average of 13.6 points per night, the Sixers finally don’t have to exclusively rely on their starting five to provide 80 percent of their points and can instead play a more balanced brand of basketball.

Now for the most part, NBA teams play between nine and 12 players in the regular season out of necessity. Drop an easy Game 5 up 3-1 and it could be all the momentum needed to spark a massive comeback a la the Cavs back in 2016.

Granted, it’s an exact science, as teams will occasionally shuffle bodies around in hopes of getting something going, but as a general rule, you usually want your best player on the court as often as possible, and to do so, some bench players naturally have to surrender their minutes to facilitate it.

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