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NBA awards: Breaking down Steph Curry’s MVP case, Tyrese Haliburton vs. Anthony Edwards for Rookie of the Year

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Article Summary:

5. Should second- and third-year players be eligible for Most Improved Player? Should it ever go to a player who was already great? What if a player was pretty good two years prior, then had a down year, then had a career year?

Herbert : In a literal sense, if you’re not a rookie then you’re eligible.

It’s good for basketball if more players improve in the ways that Randle has, whereas the growth of players like Williamson are usually sort of a given.

9. If you were granted the power to remove an award, which one would you choose?

Quinn: I’d love to change the name of “Sixth Man of the Year” to “Reserve of the Year” just to remove the preconceived ideas people have about what constitutes a great bench player, but if we’re removing an award entirely, I’m somewhat uncertain of why Most Improved Player needs to exist. Finch played an important role in unlocking the clear Most Improved Rookie – I can’t recall my opinion of a player swinging as wildly in such a short period of time as it has with Edwards in just a few months.

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