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Philadelphia 76ers: For just today, we are all Wizards fans



Article Summary:

The Washington Wizards are a team who likes to play fast.

Like the Wizards, the Pacers prefer to play fast, as they rank fifth in pace, but they win games with much more balanced efforts at both ends of the court.

Heck, fans in Delaware could theoretically even take Amtrak to the game if they see so fit; how flippin’ cool is that?

Granted, you’d have to cheer for a team who once beat the Sixers in the playoffs, all the way back in 1980, but that was when the team was called the Bullets, so does that really count? Considering the Washington Wizards have only made the playoffs nine times in my lifetime, I’d give that a resounding no. Maybe the Philadelphia 76ers do matchup better against the Indiana Pacers and securing that bout better positions Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and company for success come Round 1, but for my money, it just makes more sense to take on a one-way team who just got demolished by the Boston Celtics than a scrappy collection of upstarts who hold the 2020-21 series at 1-2 which is one more win than the Washington Wizards were able to muster.

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