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Ben Simmons Keeps His Message Consistent After Game 2 Win vs. Wizards

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Simmons, his head coach Doc Rivers, and even some of his teammates continued to stress as long as Simmons is creating scoring to generate wins, nothing else matters. Despite racking up 15 assists and even grabbing 15 boards in the victory over Washington, many couldn’t help but criticize Simmons for scoring just six points in the outing, which is something Doc Rivers simply couldn’t believe. “He’s been fantastic for us. He creates points every single night for us. When Ben was on the floor, we were really good. I’m amazed that people don’t see what he does. We’re so caught up in the amount of points he scored. Like, if Ben had all 125 points, would we be mad if Joel didn’t score? Who cares who scores, as long as we’re scoring. When Ben plays, we score more points.”

Although Simmons claims he doesn’t focus on his personal scoring and prefers to be a playmaker first, the Sixers guard came out with a chip on his shoulder on Wednesday night for Game 2 against the Wizards. “My guys are feeling it. Tobias was scoring. Joel’s scoring. That’s the point of basketball, right? People who have it going … you got to give them the ball. I’m not surprised Doc because Doc knows the game. A lot of these people who are saying that have never even touched a basketball or never played the game at a high level.”

Not only did Simmons brush off the idea that the criticism motivated him to have a better scoring night on Wednesday, but he also went back and defended his first performance against the Wizards to further prove his point that he did his job well.

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