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Sixers Will Pay for Daryl Morey’s Steph Curry ‘Tampering’ Tweet

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Article Summary:

Earlier in the season, Morey’s Twitter account automatically tweeted about James Harden breaking Houston’s franchise assist record in December of 2019. As the Sixers were among a handful of teams looking to acquire Harden, the automated tweet was flagged as tampering by the NBA.

Therefore, Daryl Morey was fined $50,000. As Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry posted about his brother, Seth, on Instagram, praising him for his work in the playoffs, Morey fired off a simple yet straightforward tweet by saying, “Join em’.”

Shortly after, Morey made it clear he was just joking, but at that point, it was too late.

As expected, Morey and the Sixers have been fined by the NBA. In a statement released by the NBA on Monday, the league notified the public that Morey had been fined $75,000 for the “Joke”.

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