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76ers vs. Hawks: Ben Simmons apologists have their work cut out, and ‘The Process’ is hanging by a thread

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Simmons is half of what’s remaining from years of suffering in pursuit of an opportunity like the one in front of the Sixers, and Harris stands in place of a lot of parts preceding him. You know all those apologists who love to tell you about all the things Simmons does for the Sixers that we casual basketball consumers can’t possibly fathom? Outside of his defense, one of the things they point to is his shot creation.

What has Simmons changed or improved about his offensive game?

It’s been five years since he was drafted and still no defender is coming toward Simmons unless it’s to intentionally foul him. Doc Rivers tried his best to outdo Mike Budenholzer for the worst coaching performance of the season; seriously, what were some of those lineups he was throwing out there? The all-bench unit? And if you know the Hawks are going to foul Simmons intentionally, thus negating any need for offensive spacing and shooting, why is Korkmaz in the game? Put some defense out there one time.

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