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Sixers: 3 reasons Ben Simmons lost the fanbase



Article Summary:

If Simmons were a cornerback or safety, perhaps he’d thrive without much criticism since he seems content playing defense.

3 reasons Ben Simmons has lost the Sixers fanbase: Poor attitude

Over the course of his time in Philly, Ben Simmons has talked a good talk. Do we recall when Brett Brown publicly lauded Simmons for making 3-pointers two seasons ago against the Knicks and Cavs, and in a press conference shared that he hoped Simmons would shoot one per game? I remember it clearly. N

If Simmons didnu2019t plan on shooting in games, what was the point of the pregame warm-up shots? What was the point of the work out videos in LA at upscale gyms? Were they to tease the fans? To shut up the critics and prove he could make some practice shots? Was it to justify to management that the talent is there if they just waited a little longer?n

The truly maddening aspect of his effort in the postseason compared to a segment of the regular season is the weeks leading up to the All-Star Game.

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