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Playoff Bell Ringer: Sixers go out with a whimper in Game 7 loss to the Hawks



Article Summary:

The Sixers were down one with a minute left, when Thybulle made the mental error to foul Huerter on a 3-point attempt. Down four, Joel Embiid lost control of his dribble for his eighth turnover of the game, leading to a run-out dunk by Danilo Gallinari to basically put the game away.

Philadelphia spent the final minute with Simmons on the sidelines, and it’s entirely possible we’ve seen the last of Ben in a Sixers uniform. Embiid had some real clunkers: one of the Sixers’ many passes to no one in transition that Atlanta grabbed and took the other way for easy points; a lazy cross-court pass that Lou Williams easily read and pick-sixed for a dunk; the final fumbling away of the game.

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