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Sixers lose to the Hawks in painful fashion, yet another very winnable game they lost this series



Article Summary:

The turnovers were a huge issue for them in game 1, when they opened the game just handing the ball away over and over and tonight had a similar vibe from the jump.

The dude nicknamed Red Velvet picked on Seth Curry like he did in game two and he went 10-18 on Sunday, looking like one of the best players in the game on either squad.

Joel Embiid did what he could on some torn cartilage in his right knee. The coaching staff doesn’t appear too comfortable handing him the ball and letting him run the offense, so he spends what feels like countless possessions sort of hiding in the “Dunker spot.”

And while there are plenty of things to very reasonably criticize Simmons for, like his absolutely, positively disgusting free throw shooting these playoffs or difficulty finishing or willingness to vanish into a “Game plan” it’s also baffling to see him play so well in a game 5 against Washington, then be used like he has no ball skills whatsoever in the half-court for huge chunks of the next series, while Tobias Harris shoots 24 times, despite a nightmare closeout game.

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