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No matter who’s to blame for Game 5, Ben Simmons has to be better



Article Summary:

Weaponizing the presupposition that every defender matched up against him would sag into the key to clog driving lanes for other Sixers player, Simmons would get running starts into these cuts and leave opponents in his dust on the way to the hoop.

They could have also had Simmons set Curry a ball screen, eschewing the Embiid post-up, though I could also argue that one effective chase over from Lou Williams and Gallinari playing in a deep drop versus a non-threat perimeter screener in Simmons could negate that advantage quickly.

Last of all, as Embiid makes his move, Simmons drifts into the lane for no explicable reason and further clogs the region of the team’s best player. Gallinari’s ability to ignore Simmons in the paint certainly helped clog things up, as did Simmons again removing himself from the play after Harris drove baseline.

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