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Sixers: Is the Ben Simmons era over?



Article Summary:

So now everyone is left asking themselves the question: is Ben Simmons getting traded? Is Philadelphia going to run it back? Is “The Process” over?

Ben Simmons’ trade value

Before we start I think It’s important to note that Ben Simmons is still a valued player in the league;’s eyes. Again the question is will the 76ers part ways with Ben Simmons?

Why the Sixers may trade Ben Simmons

Listen, Ben Simmons is such a unique player and Philadelphia knows that.

Which teams will engage the Sixers in Ben Simmons talks?

As of now there have been some buzz around the league that the Golden State Warriors could be prepared to make a push for Simmons, and I don’t blame them.

We’ll see what happens with Ben Simmons, but as of now he is a Sixer.

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