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Rivers Remains ‘Bullish’ on Ben Simmons Following Playoff Letdown

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Article Summary:

For most of the series against the Hawks, the 76ers struggled to find an offensive rhythm, especially in Game 7.

And when the Hawks felt the game was close enough, they would challenge Simmons even more by intentionally fouling him, forcing him to shoot free throws and generate points for the Sixers.

Following the Game 7 letdown on Sunday night, Sixers head coach Doc Rivers didn’t offer a lot of confidence in the idea that Simmons could be a point guard on a championship-winning team.

Then, after his poor offensive showing in Game 7, Simmons mentioned he had a bad series. “We’re not hiding that Ben has to become a better free-throw shooter and a more confident free-throw shooter. If that happens, I really believe a lot of other parts of his game follows. I said that, if you remember, before the season started; the first thing I said was we got to get him to the line 10 times a night. So we got to put in work so he can get there, but if we can get him there, man, his game goes to a different level.”

Getting Simmons to where Rivers wants him to be won’t be an easy task, which the head coach admitted.

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