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The Sixers and Blazers are equally desperate, and a Ben Simmons-for-CJ McCollum trade could bail them both out

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Article Summary:

So the first question becomes: Can Simmons repair his basketball reputation to a point where his value returns to previous highs? If so, the Sixers would be smart to keep stiff-arming these Brogdon-type low-ball offers on the chance that a Bradley Beal or Damian Lillard eventually becomes available.

Which raises a third question: Even if you believe Simmons’ value can get back to a level where he could fetch a player the caliber of a Beal of Lillard can the increasingly desperate Sixers wait that long? Is it even a risk worth taking?

If Simmons doesn’t come around offensively, is the current version valuable enough to pass on good-but-not-great offers that might be out there right now? Maybe it’s not Brogdon, but I’m thinking about a Portland Trail Blazers player who is basically Lillard light: CJ McCollum. You’ll miss Simmons, but Embiid is the one who really anchors the defense, and Thybulle, in my view, is every bit the defender Simmons is anyway. McCollum wouldn’t be the only player available if the Sixers were to truly start shopping Simmons.

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