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Three reasons the Sixers lost to the Hawks



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That’s an average of 15.75 turnovers per game, which for the regular season, would have placed the Sixers between the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 29th ranked 15.5 turnovers per game and the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 30th ranked 16.1 turnovers per game. Three Sixers’ losses saw turnover rates of at least 16.5%, meaning that the Sixers pretty much gave away a bit less than a fifth of their possessions in three games. Overall, the Hawks won the raw turnover margin with 83 turnovers to the Sixers’ 95 and had less turnovers in four of seven games.

In games 1 through 4, the Sixers 4th quarter offensive rating with Embiid on the floor was 109.8 while Embiid’s true shooting mark was 52.6%. Across games 5 through 7, that 4th quarter offensive rating plummeted to 95.5 while Embiid’s true shooting was down to 47.2%. More importantly, Embiid averaged 13.75 free throws per game in games 1 through 4 versus 9.00 per game in games 5 through 7 – certainly, I’d say, a symptom of fatigue as his willingness to bang and draw fouls declined.

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