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Philadelphia 76ers: If Joel Embiid doesn’t deserve a supermax, who does?



Article Summary:

As things presently stand, only six players in the NBA are on supermax contracts at the moment, and only three new players, Joel Embiid, Luka Doncic, and Nikola Jokic, are eligible for it heading into the 2021 NBA offseason.

So, unlike your traditional max contract, which has been handed out to everyone from Nicolas Batum to our very own Tobias Harris, only a select few players are even eligible for such an honor, and when they are, players usually either accept it or force a trade out of town to relaunch their careers elsewhere. Heck, Embiid even made it to seven years of NBA experience, a thought that felt borderline unimaginable when he was sitting out his second-straight season in 2015-16.

If you want to argue that Embiid – or any player – isn’t worthy of 35 percent of the team’s salary cap, that is 100 percent your prerogative. In a league where the average player only makes $8.32 million, giving a guy a deal in the neighborhood of $40 million a year is nothing to sneeze at but is that the National Basketball Association’s fault? The Players Association? The TV companies who pay out exorbitant money to broadcast games for our entertainment?

Considering the Sixers’ current cap situation, even if Embiid was off the books entirely, it’s not like the team would be players in free agency anyway, as they’d only have a little over $12 million to spend before hitting the NBA’s salary cap.

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