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NBA Rumors: Teams interested in Ben Simmons, De’Aaron Fox’s availability, and Danny Green’s free agency



Article Summary:

On Tuesday, we heard that the Sixers have started trade talks regarding Simmons and have engaged in early discussions with teams around the league, seeking an “All-Star-caliber player” in return. Plus, trading Simmons for someone like Fred VanVleet wouldn’t give the Sixers the kind of lead playmaking or perimeter creation off the bounce that they ideally need, given VanVleet’s limitations as a driver. Hield simply isn’t a lead guard or potential No. 2 next to Joel Embiid, and that’s the kind of player the Sixers need to headline their return if they’re trading Simmons.

Besides a Lowry sign-and-trade not being appealing for the reasons I mentioned above if Simmons is involved, it would also be seriously difficult to organise if the Sixers kept Simmons because of their tight salary cap situation.

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