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Sixers Rumors: Philly’s Front Office in no Rush to Deal Ben Simmons

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According to John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia, the Sixers stand firm on their asking price for Simmons. While they aim to land an All-Star player in his prime, other reports around the league have shown that the Sixers are willing to take on a haul of young players and picks instead. However, every team that talked shop with the Sixers came to the same conclusion – Philly wants too much for Simmons right now. As he’s just 25-years-old, a multi-time All-Star, and a Defensive Player of the Year runner-up with several years left on his contract, Simmons won’t come cheap, rightfully so. In the meantime, they’ll continue to make it clear that if another star isn’t coming to Philly, then teams better come with a haul of young players or picks if they want to land the three-time All-Star, Ben Simmons.

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