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Philadelphia 76ers: Dillon Brooks is an ideal three-team trade target



Article Summary:

How often have you heard the phrase “The Philadelphia 76ers need to find a third team to trade Ben Simmons?”
A few times? A dozen? More?

It seems like a reputable trade rumor doesn’t come by without someone including a caveat that the other hypothetical team doesn’t quite have the assets needed to get a deal done, and they may have to rope in a third team to bring back the sort of assets that would entice Daryl Morey.

If such a conversation were to go down, with a team like Portland or Minnesota looking to re-route their assets to a third team, the player the Philadelphia 76ers should set their sights on is Dillon Brooks, Memphis’ 6-foot-7, 225-pound starting small forward. While the team could remedy that bottleneck by waiving Sam Merrill, Daniel Otururu, and John Konchar, all that would do is put roughly $6 million of dead money on the team’s books without providing any positive value. Still, if the Sixers want to extract the best value possible from their distressed asset and have to do so by expanding the deal out to more than two teams, bringing back a player like Dillon Brooks could surely make a world of sense, even if it means a few fewer picks find their way into the team’s war chest.

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