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What’s the worst value you’d take in a Simmons trade?



Article Summary:

While it’s been fairly quiet on the Simmons front recently, it got us thinking:

If Simmons and the Sixers truly can’t reconcile – and players like Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal aren’t on the market – what is the worst value you’re willing to accept in return?

A bunch of us here at Liberty Ballers weighed in and the responses varied.

Don’t discount the value of picks

A wise man once preached the value in having the longest view in the room, and I see no reason to believe otherwise in a Simmons trade.

-Sean Kennedy

The worst Simmons offer I’d accept: Murray, White, two first-round picks from San Antonio.

Some reliable reporting has come about the ugliness going on – Simmons and Doc Rivers’ potentially “Irreparable” relationship, Simmons’ refusal to communicate with Embiid, Morey and Rivers.

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