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Philadelphia 76ers: ESPN trolls Joel Embiid in their NBArank top-100 list



Article Summary:

Karl-Anthony Towns is a better 3 point shooter, Bam Adebayo can legitimately defend any player on the court one-five, and Rudy Gobert has a few DPOTY awards that signify that he’s a pretty darn good paint defender, but can any of those players outperform Embiid in a full NBA game? Maybe once in a while, but he’ll surely win out more often than not.

Sidebar: Between you and me, I wholeheartedly believe Joel Embiid could shut down any individual player in the NBA defensively on one play with the game on the line; he’s just that good when he puts his entire heart into it.

But here’s the thing about looking at Embiid’s stats versus those of Jokic – there aren’t many good surface-level stats to compare defensive contributions of any given player.

How about opposing points in the paint? Well, Embiid ranked 433rd and Jokic ranked 485th out of 540 eligible players.

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