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Philadelphia 76ers: Please don’t trade for Andrew Wiggins



Article Summary:

Wiggins is a certified bust on one of the worst contracts in the NBA.

The pushback on Wiggins in Minnesota got so severe that the team had to attach multiple first-round picks to his contract in order to execute a trade for D’Angelo Russell, another good starter who is on an inflated contract. It’s hard to look at Wiggins in a Warriors uniform and not think “Harrison Barnes could fill this role better for half of the money.”

So, why, you may ask, is Wiggins potentially on the block? Is it because of his contract? How about his on-court quirks?

Well yes, that all certainly plays into it somewhat, but the real reason why the Warriors may want to move on from Wiggins is because of his vaccination status. If the final game of the season is versus the Warriors – it isn’t, but imagine it is – Wiggins can’t play, and the Sixers suddenly have a massive competitive disadvantage when they can least afford it. With his vaccination status potentially impacting his ability to play 50-plus percent of any given team’s games, Wiggins may just be the least valuable player in the NBA. If the Philadelphia 76ers trade for him, then they really don’t want to maximize Joel Embiid’s championship window at all.

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