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NBA: Stockpiling cap space is vastly overrated for most teams



Article Summary:

For the smaller market teams, hoarding cap space, I ask, “What are you doing?” The top teams with cap space heading into the 2021 offseason are as follows:

  • New York Knicks – $52.6 million
  • San Antonio Spurs – $48 million
  • Dallas Mavericks – $33.5 million
  • Oklahoma City Thunder – $30 million
  • Memphis Grizzlies – $24.4 million
  • Toronto Raptors – $22.1 million
  • Miami Heat – $20.4 million
  • Charlotte Hornets – $16.8 million

There are some bigger markets amongst those listed but San Antonio? Come on now. Are we really talking ourselves into Damian Lillard signing with San Antonio? Here is a Twitter notification you’ll never get, “Breaking News: Damian Lillard signs 5-year max with the Memphis Grizzlies.” It’s just not in the cards for certain markets to attract certain players in free agency even with all that money in cap space. If a player signs a five-year deal for $25 million a year, the only thing that is guaranteed is exactly that, one year into that deal, said player can request a trade for any reason whatsoever and hold out until he gets his way. Cap space gives you and your fan base the illusion that you’re going to sign the best free agent of that class.

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