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Ben Simmons latest: He wants offense built around him; Spurs got nowhere near trade

NBC Sports


Article Summary:

While there are reports all over the media trying to put a new spin on the telenovela that is Simmons holdout and trade push, the reality remains that actual trade talk amongst teams for him remains flatlined, as it has for a couple of weeks, league sources confirmed to NBC Sports.

First, Simmons wants to go to a team where the offense is built around him and his style of play, reports Kevin O’Conner of The Ringer.

That raises a couple of questions: Why didn’t Simmons tell the 76ers that’s what he wanted? But the biggest question: Can you build a great team with Simmons as your No. 1 option?

The question is whether a team built around Simmons would be any good.

A fair number of people around the league see Simmons best used in more of a Draymond Green role, being an elite defender, and on offense playing off a floor spacer and pick-and-roll guard, allowing Simmons to drive the lane more and be a passer who can pick apart defenses.

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