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Stephen A. Says Ben Simmons Should Prove Sixers Fans Wrong, Become LeBron James 2.0

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As the offseason progressed, it’s been suggested that Simmons simply cannot face the fans of Philadelphia. While they’ve supported him and have had his back for the most part during his first four seasons, Simmons likely believes they’ve given up on him after another disappointing playoff series.

“You should feel compelled to make up to the fans of Philadelphia, how you performed in the series against the Atlanta Hawks. Rather than running away from Philadelphia, you should want to run back to Philadelphia. And I’ll tell you why Ben Simmons, why you should want to run back, because my brother, Ben Simmons if you are watching, you are literally a jump shot away from being LeBron James 2.0. If this brother hits 70 to 75% of his free throws.

He is so special. At 6’10”, with those ball-handling and passing skills, that basketball IQ, combined with his defensive prowess. Simmons remains a member of the 76ers, as they continue to try and work on getting the Australian star back in the mix.

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