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Sixers Player Profiles: Ben Simmons (ho hum just another generic write up)



Article Summary:

Ben Simmons

Age: 25

Contract status: four-year max, $140,400,000 guaranteed beginning at $31,590,000 for 2021-2022

This player profile is very much like the rest where we simply describe a player, name his strengths and weaknesses, and discuss his salary and potential impact. Can any player sign a max deal and then simply demand to be traded? Why wouldn’t more players not take a five-year max offer and accompanying raises then insist on being shipped to a team with a warm beach? While dudes like Anthony Davis, Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, and James Harden all recently embraced widespread criticism for insisting upon trades, I doubt a single one of them regrets it.

But could this go the other way for Simmons where he winds up regretting that he played hardball? Or might he too just wind up playing for a max in a city he prefers? It’s a high-stakes game that brings up player empowerment themes. Any one of those things probably lands the Sixers in the final four and helps them dodge all of the public blame-game stuff that played a part in all of this…even with Simmons playing far far below his own standard.

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