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Sixers say they won’t change style of play with Ben Simmons returning

USA Today


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Meanwhile, the Sixers have been going through training camp as well as playing in three preseason games already without him. “We practiced the same way and even when Ben comes, our practice won’t change and what we’re doing won’t change. It’s easy right now. Our guys are playing, man. They’re competing, today was a fantastic practice.”

The good thing that the Sixers have going for them at the moment is that this is not Rivers’ first year with the team. “We’re doing the same things and we’ll do the same things when he comes back so we’ve been practicing and playing as if he’s been here or going to show up. He’s a part of our group, he’s a part of our team, when and if he does show up, we’ll do the same things we did last year.”

At the end of the day, these guys are professionals. “Running some pick-and-roll stuff. Obviously, spacing changes with Ben out there, but we know how to adjust. Everybody knows how to play basketball. It’s not too different from the stuff we did last year. Just try to execute stuff better.”

The Sixers will open the season on Oct. 20 and it will be interesting to see how they handle things, but nothing changes with Simmons’ return if he does play that night.

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