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With several role players smashing, will Daryl Morey & Elton Brand value depth or trade assets?



Article Summary:

So what might Daryl Morey be thinking? Does he value antifragility and depth here? Or would he look to pounce by quietly shopping some of his new “Trade capital?”

Might he remind himself that injuries are inevitable and that this team lost Danny Green during that 2021 Hawks series, whose availability might alone have been enough for them to advance another round?

As of now the team has about an 11 man rotation. Teams usually whittle down to nine come the playoffs. How valuable is that to this leadership group?

If every team reasonably predicted they’d be down a rotation player for one reason or another by the playoffs, then maybe the Sixers would be a lot less worse for wear than some other teams more top heavy. Based on listening to podcasts he’s been on, it seems more likely he’d see the team’s surprising start to the year as ideal for two reasons 1) they’re winning games few thought they would which might improve their playoff seeding and accompanying title odds 2) some of their role players may have already enhanced their trade value significantly from the preseason.

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