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NBA Power Rankings: Warriors locked in on top, Suns rise up to second

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DeRozan leads the team in scoring at 26.9 points a game and leads the NBA in rubbing salt in the wounds of Lakers fans. After a 1-6 start to the season, the Pacers have started to rack up wins because their formally dreadful offense has improved to average – they have the 14th ranked offense in the league over the last seven games, which may sound average but is light years ahead of where they were back in October. Still the least lucky team in the NBA, they have a point differential of a 6-7 or maybe 7-6 team, instead they keep losing close games. The Pelicans have the worst defense in the NBA and a bottom-five offense, and while some of that offensive stagnation is due to Zion Williamson missing all of the season so far and Brandon Ingram missing seven games, it also speaks to the roster construction.

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