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76ers reportedly have 30 trade targets for Simmons, but talks remain stagnant

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Article Summary:

Sam Amick of The Athletic updated the Simmons trade saga Thursday and here are the takeaways:

The 76ers have a list of about 30 players they would be open to trading Simmons for.

Simmons also has no intention of playing a game again for the 76ers, even as the team fines him and pushes him to return to basketball activities with the team.

Is Simmons sitting out due to mental health issues hurting his trade value?

In the absence of a Simmons return, sources say, the Sixers’ belief is rival teams have grown even less motivated than before about making a move for Simmons because of the escalating uncertainty that surrounds him.

So to sum it all up, the 76ers continue to demand an “Impact player” back in any Simmons trade, but the GMs of other teams look at Simmons right now and have concerns about whether he is ready to play, so they are not offering anything close to what Sixer GM Daryl Morey demands.

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