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Conversing with the enemy: A Sixers-Blazers preview with Danny Marang



Article Summary:

While Nurkic has shown more over the last few weeks, so has Nance Jr. So, will Portland opt to stick with Nurkic or opt for Nance Jr. and small ball?

What’s your assessment on Portland’s season thus far and its outlook moving forward?

Wild swings between unwatchable basketball and James Naismith smiling down from basketball heaven have made figuring out this team near impossible. It’s a masochistic love for the Blazers in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s fitting that around the time Lillard has a competent-to-good bench unit, the starters fall apart. They’ve been one of the worst first-quarter teams in the league and that has fallen squarely on the shoulders of their starting guards. If the starters actually have “Juice,” that could spell early doom for Philly as Portland has not had that often.

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